Vicarb Heat Exchanger Plates & Gaskets

We offer Vicarb Heater Exchanger Gaskets and Heater Exchanger Plates. Please contact us with any question related to Vicarb gaskets or plate and frame heat exchangers, as well as modifications or new equipment. We also engineer, thermal rate, expand, and clean plate and frame heat exchangers.

Vicarb Series and Models

V-Series Models - Clip-On, Glue, & Ball

V4 V7 V8 VU8 VU12 V13 V20 V28 V45 V55 V60
V-4 V-7 V-8 VU-8 VU-12 V-13 V-20 V-28 V-45 V-55 V-60


V85 V100 V110 RT V120 V130 V180 V260
V-85 V-100 V-110 RT V-120 V-130 V-180 V-260


V-Series Double-Wall Models

V4-DW V13-DW V20-DW V45-DW V60-DW
V-4 DW V-13 DW V-20 DW V-45 DW V-60 DW