Hisaka Heat Exchanger Plates & Gaskets

We offer Hisaka Heater Exchanger Gaskets and Heater Exchanger Plates. Please contact us with any question related to Hisaka gaskets or plate and frame heat exchangers, as well as modifications or new equipment. We also engineer, thermal rate, expand, and clean plate and frame heat exchangers.

Hisaka Series and Models

EX, LX, RX, SX, UX & YX - Series Models

EX11EX15 LX00A slit-inLX10A slit-in LX20LX20A slit-in LX30A slit-inLX40 LX40A slit-inLX50A slit-in
EX-11EX-15LX-00A slit-inLX-10A slit-in LX-20LX-20A slit-in LX-30A slit-inLX-40 LX-40A slit-inLX-50A slit-in


RX11A slit-inRX13A slit-in RX30A slit-inRX70 SX41SX43 SX90SX90M
RX-11A slit-inRX-13A slit-in RX-30A slit-inRX-70 SX-41SX-43SX-90 SX-90M


UX01UX10 UX100UX10A slit-in UX20UX20A slit-in
UX-01UX-10UX-100 UX-10A slit-inUX-20 UX-20A slit-in


UX30UX30A slit-in UX40UX40A slit-in UX80YX80
UX-30UX-30A slit-in UX-40UX-40A slit-in UX-80YX-80