C. J. Mulanix Company, Inc. Global Heat Exchanger Specialists - Replacement Gaskets & Plates for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Repair Services

Heat Exchanger Refurbrishing, Leak Testing, Regasketing, Cleaning, and Replacement

C. J. Mulanix Co., Inc is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and refurbishing of shell & tube and plate & frame heat exchangers, tanks, piping systems, and general skid work. We excel in saving our clients money by refurbishing all makes and types of heat exchangers and skids.

Plate and frame heat exchanger repair includes:

Facilites worldwide in New York, Alabama, Washington (USA) and France and Vietnam and Thailand

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 Other services include:

  • Shell & Tube Repair
  • Replacement Tube Bundles
  • Replacement Gaskets & Plates for all Manufacturers

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We provide free engineered inspection and evaluation services both on-site and at our shop. Whether you need assistance with maintenance or you need a complete evaluation of your process, give us a call. We'll arrange to visit your facility or assist you in any way that we can. Providing an Engineered Evaluation with Quotation at no cost!

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