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Plate to Gasket Gluing

The glue used for all elastomers (except Viton and Barriquant plates) is 3M 9323 (bi-compound glue). This glue can polymerize at room temperature. To speed the curing time MCD will cure the glue 30 minutes at 120 degree C.

Due the geometry of Barriquant plates use 3M 1099.

Useful Information

Possible Causes from Bad Gluing


  • Discrepancy from horizontal position
  • Wrong application of glue
  • Wrong fastening of gaskets with tape
  • Wrong alignment of plates
  • Insufficient guiding of plate stack
  • Wrong curing temperature, pressure and time
  • Unsatisfactory tightening during curing
  • Uneven temperature distribution in the case of curing oven
  • Too early unloading of pressure on plate stack (when still hot)
  • Careless handling of plates
  • Unsatisfactory cleaning prior to gluing
  • Unsatisfactory cleaning of gasket groove
  • Use of unsuitable cleaning agents
  • Too loose tightened of plates pack

Plate material:

  • Geometry - deformation
  • Pre-treatment (bright annealed surface for example)
  • Insufficient cleaning soiling (airborne or condense)

Gasket cement:

  • The properties do not suit the operating conditions (liquids, temperature and pressure).
  • The properties do not suit the rubber quality.
  • The properties do not suit the plate material (corrosion)
  • Exceeded shelf life
  • Exceeded pot life
  • Insufficient mixing
  • Bad storing conditions
  • Wrong quantities or misdistribution - special care has to be taken by thin plates with shallow gasket grooves.
  • Insufficient or exaggerated evaporation of solvent
  • Quality error
  • Wrong proportion of components in the case of 2 component glue